Consumer brands hire us to scale in retail.

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Most small consumer brands don't have the time or money to scale product sales in retail - so we provide the team and resources on an as-needed basis to make that happen. 

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Retailbound has been an asset to my startup. Extremely attentive, knowledgeable about the industry, and always looking out for my company's best interests. Wish I would have worked with them sooner! -- Barnabas Helmy, Founder


Oco Group

We hired Retailbound to help build B2B channel for Oco Pro line (professional DIY cloud video surveillance cameras).  They were able to deliver results from day 1. Within the first 6 weeks we've signed contracts with several distributors as well received our first purchase order. -- Andrey Gabisov, CMO



For my company and personally me it was first time experience to develop sales channels in brick & mortar retail. Retailbound took a risk to go with new product type, not only arranged everything from package design and manufacturing, distribution and retail, but also willingly and effectively shared their knowledge with my team. -- Ramūnas Markauskas, Head of BD

Who are we?

A team of ex-large chain retail buyers who know the pains of scaling a brand at retail.  We're based across North America.

Proud Partners, Mentors, and Experts at Innovative Organizations

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